Martha du Plessis is a Professional GIA Gemologist, holder of Graduate Diamonds and Accredited Jewelry Diplomas.
Abraham Jansen van Vuuren is a diamondtaire, holder of Graduate Diamonds and Accredited Jewelry Diplomas.
Together they bring a combined total of 16 years experience of gems and jewelry to the business.
Mystic Diamonds use state-of-the-art laboratory instruments and advanced technology for the examination and evaluation of diamonds, gemstones, precious metals, and jewelry items.
Each stone, loose or set, is checked to determine if it is genuine, synthetic, or imitation. It is examined for clarity, cut, and color, as well as size and carat weight.
All jewelry is evaluated for its metal content, the quality of workmanship and design, and the period of its style. Color photographs of the jewelry accompany the Certified Appraisal Documents that Mystic Diamonds Gems and Jewelry Appraisers render for insurance and estate purposes.
We know fair market values and appreciation potentials, and we are familiar with replacemnt costs.
We offer appraisals to our clients either in our office or at a site of their choosing.
Our fees are quite modest for appraisal work and the charges for our services.